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 RIMRITE is a specialised business in North End, Port Elizabeth who is dedicated to the repairing of aluminium wheels. The business RIMRITE has been trading since 1989. With 22 years of experience in the repair of rims and mag wheels. The current owner is only the 3rd owner of the business.


Today, most vehicles have aluminium wheels and they do bend, buckle or break on impact (i.e. hitting a pavement or driving through pot holes or just by two cars crashing into each other) Repairing these wheels is a great cost saving alternative to replacing them.

Some of our current customers include, Volkswagen SA, General Motors SA, many Automotive

Dealerships, and Auto Repair Centres, Panel beating shops as well as the Retail wheel and Tyre dealers.

Rimrite is accredited by most of the major insurance companies.

We offer

  • Competitive pricing and repair options tailored to the clients requirements
  • Quality input materials to ensure quality finished products
  • Repairing in such a way that the finished product will never be a safety risk
  • Efficient job turnaround times
  • On-going client feedback to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Trained operators and advising clients of best options and market trends
  • Embracing the on-going upliftment of business skills
  • Set quality control and manufacturing process standards to ensure best quality product produced at lowest cost

Mission Statement

To be the market leader in the top quality repair work to rims and mags, well priced good quality workmanship. Never compromising the safety of motor vehicle passengers as the greatest care is taken in the repair process. To be a first choice repair agent.



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15 Patterson Road

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PO Box 2627

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041 484 6111


041 484 6114



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